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Become a Trampoline Park Pro

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

What to know as a first time jumper?

How to check in?

Start off at Find the jump pass that works best for your weekend schedule. From there click buy now to pre book or check-in in person at the front desk. On holidays we recommend pre-booking to avoid waiting when you arrive. Everyone jumping will need a jump pass and grip socks. Our regulars love that there’s no admissions fee for anyone not entering the trampoline courts.

All ages are welcome to jump! Our park attendants can’t wait to see your best trampoline tricks. Anyone under 18 will need their parent or court appointed guardian to sign a waiver for them. Adults over 18 can fill out the form by themselves.

What happens when you arrive?

Go to the front desk to get a wristband and grip socks, you’ll need both to enter the trampoline courts. Our park attendant will review the safety rules you watched before filling out the waiver.

If you get to the park early you can spend time at the arcade. Arcade cards are available to purchase at the front desk. They can be used and reloaded anytime you’re at the park.

For parents that aren’t jumping, connect to the Wi-Fi and hangout in the open seating area. iTrampoline allows outside food for those that would like to place a delivery order or bring a famous family recipe. This policy will be changing in March 2023.


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