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DIY Experience

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

How do schools build a personalized
iTrampoline Hawaii experience?

With the help of the iTrampoline events team teachers are able to integrate academic skills with fun exercise and activities.


With a substantial number of students choosing to continue virtual learning, teachers must get creative in creating social interactions. Schools need a venue with as much entertainment space as possible. Somewhere students can breakout into different activities, bond with the classmates, and reinforce lessons learned in the classroom. That’s why groups that visit iTrampoline have the option to create their own activities program. Utilize the 14,000 sq. ft. of open space the facility has to offer. Rotate your group on and off the trampolines. While one half jumps, the other half can play fun activities that apply academic skills in real-world context.

iTrampoline will play an active role in planning, check-in, setup, and departure. Get a list of group rates from When you’re ready to reserve call (808)380-4706 to put down a deposit. More jumpers in a reservation will lower the cost per person; and there’s no admission fee for anyone that won’t be on the trampoline courts. Since guests are allowed to bring food into the facility. Schools can pick from their favorite lunchtime vendor. All items at the park can be pre-purchased and attached to the reservation. Meaning groups can show up, check-in, and bounce off the walls. The events team will email the main point of contact all the details needed to make this event a success. Including information that can be sent straight to parents, on how to help the teachers with the upcoming field trip.

If you’re a teacher searching for a way to make learning fun, bring your class to iTrampoline Hawaii. Booking as a group is a great way to stretch the budget. The events team is here to help because iTrampoline knows organizing a class outing is a team process. The countdown to fall semester has started. Take advantage of all the teacher discounts this upcoming school year.

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