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Go-To Holiday Activities

The holidays are coming to a close! Families across the island are looking for a way to make it count. iTrampoline Hawaii is focused on encouraging positive vibes and staying active all winter break!

With school out and the stress of homework on pause. This is the time to plan a weekend of memorable activities for the entire family. Staying active and participating in high-energy activities have a number of benefits for kids and teens. Like building strong and healthy bodies.

With all the holiday shopping finally over, you deserve a break and iTrampoline Hawaii is just the place to go. Fill your family's day with fun, by taking advantage of the countless attractions at the park. Kids can enter a dodgeball competition, practice their slam dunk at the basketball lanes, and get plenty of aerobic exercise on the main court. While they're doing that kick back, connect to the WIFI. Watch a movie, finish that work project, or do some personal online shopping.

It can be difficult fitting fun and fitness into your day during this busy time, but it’s completely worth it. At iTrampoline Hawaii, families have multiple options that all ages can enjoy.

CHECK OUT THE NEW LASER TAG ATTRACTION! Pre-book online or walk in and make a reservation.


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