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King Kamehameha Day

Every year celebrations take place all across the islands, in honor of King Kamehameha the Great. If you don’t have plans, here are some suggestions for making the most of the long weekend.

Start by making a trip downtown to watch the royal societies adorn his statue with a lei. Take the time to learn about Hawai’i’s rich history and why King Kamehameha has earned four commissioned statues to honor his memory. While your in town you can pick up some plate lunches from the local vendors to bring to the west side.

When you get to our side of the island. Stop by the park for high-energy activities the whole family will enjoy. Our team recommends going online right now to pre-book your jump passes. You don't want to wait until the park is sold out. When you sign up for our membership program you’ll get discounts sent straight to your email.

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