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Trampoline Parks = the New Gym

With all the trampoline workouts hitting the fitness world. We thought we’d give you some tips to get the most out our your visit.

Like any workout, you need fuel to perform at your best so eat some complex carbs that are whole grains like pasta, sweet potato, or oats. Mix that with some lean proteins and vegetables 1 ½ - 2 hours before working out and you have a meal set for success! Coming to the park in clothing that you are okay with sweating in and nonrestrictive is also a major key to being comfortable. You can book tickets online to make sure when you arrive, you can get straight into exercise.

30 minutes on a trampoline is more than enough for an exercise session and that’s why we suggest purchasing our 60-90-minute jump passes to make sure you can move at your own pace. Starting off with 10 to 15 mins of jumping is a great way to begin but as time goes on the ultimate goal is to get to 30 minutes of exercise on a trampoline.

Benefits of jumping on a trampoline include improving heart and cardiovascular health, great for joint health being a low-impact workout, weight loss, and helping improve balance and coordination. Beyond physical health, it also improves mental health as it is a fun way to alleviate stress. Once the workout is completed it’s best to get some more lean protein into your body to help you recover and put on healthy muscle.

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