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5 Field Trip Planning Tips

Do your homework:

Visit the site to give you an idea of incorporating its activities into your lesson plan. Ask questions and take recommendations from the staff.

Involve your students in the preparation:

Get them excited by discussing the goals of the field trip. What are some things they will see? What should they take away from the trip?

Incorporate Technology:

Many students use their mobile devices to engage with the world around them. Use research topics, photo scavenger hunts, or video memories to help them re-experience the field trip later in the classroom and at home.

Engage the senses:

Select a field trip where students aren’t sitting down like in the classroom. Use this as an opportunity to break up their typical school week.

Fundraise to cover any extra costs:

Engage the parents, PTA, or other teachers to support class-wide field trips. Most large companies offer group discounts for local schools and youth groups.

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