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How to homeschool at iTrampoline Hawaii?

We’re opening early on Mondays for stay at home parents and homeschoolers looking to mix up the studying routine. Instead of spending all day behind the desk; drive down to Waipahu and add a bit of exercise to your week. Parents that are homeschooling qualify for the group rates any time Monday through Friday.

As you're getting ready for your trip to the park, pack a lunch or bring some snacks. It’s a great way to save money and time especially for large families. Our team will show you over to the seating area where you’re welcome to utilize the WIFI to finish up on work projects; continue homework assignments; or pull up some extra entertainment. The kids will be fully involved in all our high energy attractions, so don’t worry about them. Between the trampoline courts, laser tag arena, and arcade games they are sure to get all their energy out before you head home.


1 Hour

2 Hours

3 Hours

4 Hours






1 Round

3 Rounds

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2 Hours





Homeschooling Parents: At enrollment and renewal homeschooling parents must provide photo ID and a signed letter with the following information: family name and address; name of homeschooling parent(s); grade level of each child being homeschooled and confirming that their students are not enrolled at school and are primarily learning at home. Homeschooling does not include remote school instruction by an educational institution through the internet at home.

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