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Planning an Epic Project Grad

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

Students are half-way through fall semester. The academic seniors are submitting their college applications or receiving acceptance letters; and the hands-on learners are brainstorming vocational schools. Administrators are solidifying the graduation venues. Most parents are planning graduation parties, budgeting grad gifts, and brainstorming what to do with their students' bedrooms come moving day. Or you’re on the project grad committee.

No pressure, but this is a top 3 most important senior class event. Luckily, iTrampoline has seen it all: custom-built slideshows, class dodgeball competitions, parades of popular local food vendors, and more. Our team has put together a checklist to help you plan an awesome Project Grad.


There’s nothing worse than an outdated project grad. Get to know what venues are popular for 16-to-17-year-olds. Yelp, Instagram, google, and Tik Tok are some of the best venue research tools. If you use these platforms, hashtags are your best friend. Start with #HawaiiActivities #HawaiiFoodie and see where that takes you. Don’t be afraid to dive down the social media rabbit hole. Surveying is another great researching tactic. Talk to some teens about what places they’d love to visit. Try to talk to kids with a variety of interests. Every class has a wide range of hobbies. Most importantly, be discreet.

Develop a Budget

If you did your research correctly you should end up on iTrampoline Hawaii. Our facility is equipped to entertain a wide range of guests. Competitive, high-energy groups that are ready to get wild will love the trampolines. If you still don’t know, we’ve introduced a crazy number of arcades to the park. Classics like Pac-Man and Space Invader; new favorites like Jurassic Park and Walking Dead. You can ask to use our projectors to hook up gaming consoles, or slideshows. Our team will help you gather all the required paperwork to bring in outside vendors. They also coordinate setup and breakdown during the actual event.

Coordinate with iTrampoline/Vendors, Caterers/Travel Now it’s time for each primary contact person to organize their portion of the event. Here’s a checklist of items to get started:

Get an event estimate from iTrampoline Hawaii. When you reach out, you’ll want to know. How many of the guests are jumping? How long will the group jump? Overall, how long will the group be at the park? Any additional costs: grip socks, arcades, or drinks. A team member will email you an estimate from A 50% deposit is required to save the date.

Arrange Transportation. Let the company know when you’re departing and returning so they can plan accordingly.

Select and contact food vendors, or special entertainment. This goes back to your research portion. What are the students' favorite food spots and local vendors? Additional entertainment isn’t required however, if it’s in the budget it does add to the environment. Our events team has worked with DJ’s, face painters, hypnotists, artists, and more.

Communicate with parents to arrange supervision.

Determine how many adults or classroom aids are needed to make sure all the students are accounted for. This will vary based on the size of your group.

Type out event information to disperse to parents.

Let the parents know: where you are going; when you are going including the time you’re leaving and returning to campus; contact information for a primary staff member; what the students need to wear/bring.

Everything else you need to know about having a booking at iTrampoline can be found at There you can find frequently asked questions, and a sample event schedule. Reach out anytime if you have a special request or additional questions.

Contact us through email: or by phone: (808)380-4706.


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