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Balancing School and a Part-time Job

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

A big part of the job as parents is to set your kids up to be successful, functioning adults. High school is one of the best times to have your teenager practice time management. Allow them to lead their own schedules, while they still have you close by to offer advice. Push them to find a balance; they will benefit in the classroom, and as future employees and leaders.

Urge your students to think more about developing a system based on their productive hours. If your student wakes up energized then starting their homework late at night won’t benefit them. Squeezing in extra studying during breakfast or on the way to school may result in more success. Students that are night owls can wait until after school lets out to dive into their work.

By doing this they're creating a routine that will allow them to structure extracurriculars and outside work around their study schedule. Over time they’ll develop a reliable schedule that includes longer time for more difficult subjects, regular breaks, and work life. It will also allow them to be more independent and start managing responsibilities like employment.

What benefits come from working a part-time job in high school? It’s also a safe introduction to navigating the working world. Research consistently shows that working over 20 hours a week negatively affects school performance. During the school year iTrampoline Hawaii, opens Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday for regular operation. This allows students and student-athletes to accomplish other activities, and their course load, and have a little spending money. It also gives them the opportunity to start a savings account, and have time to be a teen.

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